Khairul Azri, the eldest of two children was born on the 3rd January 1985. He joined Television Airtime Services’ TV production as a child journalist in 1996 at the tender age of 10. At age 11, he interviewed the Malaysian Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and later at the age 12 he interviewed the Secretary General to the United Nation Mr. Kofi Annan. He continued getting assignments to interview important corporate leaders and cabinet ministers from time to time until present. With his cool personality and excellent communication skills in both English and Malay language, he puts himself at par with the more experienced journalists wherever he goes. His interview with the Prime Minister was a historical step in opening the minds of many adults in Malaysia to accept children as an important part of the broadcasting community seriously. 

Apart from News Reporting and Script Writing, Khairul has hidden talents for singing and acting. He started to participate in several school and TV dramas at the age of 12. A natural speaker by nature, Khairul also co-hosted a teen talk-show called “Let’s talk” for a National Day Special at age 15. In singing he performed at various functions entertaining important guests and underprivileged children. Latest in his list was performing in front of NAM 2003 delegates in KLCC – leading the school’s choir group. 

The Toastmasters International programme on public speaking and also one by famous Malaysian TV News Anchor Mr. Robert Lam sharpened his skills in TV presenting and interviewing through the many seminars and workshops he attended including a Youth Leadership programme. All these he did before the age of 13. As he grows older he attended many more workshops to enhance his communication and leadership skills including International Children’s Forum on the Environment (1998) and an intensive 8-month workshop entitled “If Its To Be, Its Up to ME” (2002). 

At age 16, Khairul was honoured with a full scholarship from his school, Sekolah Sri Cempaka and held the position of Head Prefect to the Prefectorial Board in its main campus in Cheras for period 2001-2002. He has also been bestowed the Cempaka Bronze Award in 2001 and Cempaka Special Award in 2002 for his excellent work with community and children’s right advocacy. 

Khairul has been active in school debates and had entered elocution contests winning some prizes. He holds position in his school’s Ninjitsu Club, Young Journalist’s Club, Photography Club, and the Cempaka Cooperative Board. He had participated in Cempaka Law Workshop in a mock trial as defense and represented House Team in debate. He had also made the school bowling team and participated actively in school-organized events as emcee and in various stage performances. An active member of Persatuan Anak Penyayang Sri Cempaka, Khairul has led many visits to local hospitals particularly the children’s wards from time to time whilst holding the post of Head Prefect. 

Previous years in school have seen many of Khairul’s academic achievements including scoring straight As in major Government Examinations at age 12, 15 and 17. He has also scored distinctions in Computer Studies, English and Science in the New South Wales International Examinations for schools around Asia-Pacific Region in years 1999, 2000 and 2001. He has also been awarded Grade A in the First Certificate in English examination by the University of Cambridge in 2001 and also in Certificate of Advanced English in 2002. He also obtained grade M in the Business English Certificate Preliminary by the same university in 2002. Locally, he has also managed to attain a bronze award for the National Physics Competition in 2002. 

Khairul has traveled many countries on educational visits and tours such as to China, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Jordan, Iraq and the United States. He led a 6-member team to Iraq in 2000 and upon return produced a 15-minute video based on their experience in the war-torn country called “ The Iraq Experience”. (The video can be down loaded from He also lead a team of members to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2004 for the "4th World Summit for children's  Adolescents."

Through GKC, Khairul has picked up special interest on matters concerning society and the environment and believes that “you get what you give to the world”. Hence, his involvement in the International Children’s Conference on the Environment and other charity related participation with the less fortunate, cancer patients and old-folks. Raising funds for the unfortunate saw him and teammate participating in a TV game-show LINGO when he was 12. He and his partner won RM6,400 and donated it all to the Children’s Aid Foundation. Khairul also led his GKC teammates in raising funds amounting to RM400,000 for the MCPCSA ( Malaysian Coalition for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse) in December 2002. He was the Co-organizing Chairman for its Charity Gala Night which saw the attendance of 1,000 people including the then Minister of National Unity and Social Development of Malaysia, Dato’ Dr. Hajjah Siti Zaharah Sulaiman. 

When the Langkawi International Dialogue was held in Malaysia in 2000, Khairul took up the lead role with 10 other GKCs making their first international debut by performing a sketch called “ Malaysian Kids Behind the Scene” in front of world leaders. 

One appearance leads to another and Khairul was invited to become emcee for the event “Say YES for Children” by the Ministry of Social Unity and National Development in 2001 attended by the Prime Minister and the First Lady. 

Also an advocate of the rights of the child, Khairul represented Malaysia in the "United Nations Special Session for Children" 2002 held in New York. This unprecedented meeting of the UN General Assembly is dedicated to children and adolescents of the world. This gathering presented a great opportunity for children to express their views on the way the world views and treat children. He also attended a follow-up meeting on the same subject in Seoul, Korea in December 2002. During his visit to the United Nations and Seoul, he participated in numerous forums and discussions on issues relating to the improvement of the quality of life for children all over the world. Several journalists and TV stations interviewed him while he was in New York and shared many of his views, one of which was quoted in the United Nations State of the World’s Children report of 2003. The disabled and the less fortunate children have been close to his heart. Hence he attended sign-language classes and earned himself a certificate in “Basic Sign Language” in Dec 2002. 

Khairul aspires to be a Medical Doctor and is currently pursuing his university education at Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland, Dublin. From the experience he gathered during his tender years in the local and international arena, Khairul has also developed keen interest in Community works and the World Peace.