17-year-old Darshana Sivanatham is the first child of two, born on the 26th of August 1985 in Klang, Selangor. She obtains her early education in Bukit Bintang Girls School or SMK Seri Bintang, and is currently doing her A-levels in Cempaka International College. A bright student and disciplined prefect in her school days, Darshana scored straight A’s in PMR 2000, and her hard work has paid off when she attained 6 A’s in SPM.


This bright student has obtained certificates from the University of New South Wales for Mathematics and Science competitions, obtained a certificate for the Certificate in Advanced English 2002 – grade A, obtained a grade A for the Commonwealth Essays Competition 2002 and was given a certificate of participation for the National Physics Competition in 2002. Darshana was a Taekwando Club President in school, and participated in championships at state level. Active in sports and social clubs, she was also the school swimming team member, an interact club member, and participated in State Drama Competition.


In Sri Cempaka, Darshana’s active streak did not fade. She was the School Deputy Head Prefect as well as the Secretary of Prefectorial Board 2002, an Interact Club Secretary for the year 2002, the Red House Vice Captain 2002, and many more!

Interact Club Secretary for the year 2002.


As a member of the Golden Kids Club and a Young Achiever, Darshana took part in the 1996 and 1997 Hari Raya Specials. There have been many times when she was called to emcee various functions with fellow GKC’s, including BAKTI Children’s day 2000, and a few Deepavali BAKTI functions. In fact, Darshana has been almost everywhere in Malaysia with GKC as an educational trip. This includes the trip to Iraq in 2001 where she became the host for the Mission Iraq video.


With so many activities, one may wonder if Darshana has any spare time at all. Regardless of her involvements in activities, Darshana takes time to indulge in her own personal interests. She loves reading and does lots of it, experimenting with different sorts of authors and material. Currently she’s reading a biography of Hitler. This generous and thoughtful girl enjoys getting involved in charity work. For Darshi, happiness is what you get from giving all you can to others and seeing them smile with joy…as the saying goes, “hands that help are holier than lips that pray.”


Darshana also enjoys all sorts of music, but her preferences are Latin and classical fused with modern. Spending time with old friends is a must for Darshana, as she still meets up wit her old school buddies whenever everyone has the time. To create balance and harmony in her life, Darshana devoted her time to spiritual realization and inner strength.