Athir bin Ashari, Golden Kids Clubís youngest member, is a very promising youngster with a bright future. He was born on the 23rd of November 1993 and was bred in Kuala Lumpur city. Athir currently resides in Subang Jaya with his loving family. 

Athir, like many youngsters his age, is very tech savvy. He could be contacted via his email His unique email is a privilege enjoyed by all Golden Kids Clubs members when they sign up and are accepted in. However, owning his own email account is certainly something special since he is only 10 years old. 

He presently attends Standard 4 in Sri Cempaka School. This prestigious school is located in Cheras and Athir is enjoying himself there. Facilities at Sri Cempaka include a swimming pool, student computer rooms and a dedicated website for students. Athir is adored by his many friends there and is very helpful. He previously attended Sri Kuala Lumpur School in Subang Jaya. 

Athir speaks, reads and writes fluent English and Malay. His many experiences in the Golden Kids Clubs activities have made his a very able public speaker, active commentator and good at social events. He is comfortable communicating with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Athir actively participated in the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign, a program co-sponsored by the Golden Kids Club. He had a role in acting for the Campaign and the drama was very well received and promoted the dangers of child sexual abuse. Athir was a very gifted and expressive actor, given his young age. He also participated in the BAKTIís annual Childrenís Day at Sri Perdana in July 2003. This event was specially held for less fortunate and disabled children. Athir contributed to the overall success of the event by being involved in the entertainment department, which was solely organized by the Golden Kidís Club. 

Athir attends the football clinic prepared by Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, which invites Malaysian star footballers to reach out and to teach youngsters football. His involvement and inclusion in the Sri Cempaka primary school football team is a testament to his skill and talent in football. He also loves playing badminton, going fishing and swimming. Besides sports, Athir is inclined towards music and is currently attending guitar lessons to better his skill.