Aliff bin Ashari was born on the 4th of April 1990. This 12-year-old firstborn is a bright student who has recently received the rewards of studying hard, by achieving straight A' s in his UPSR examination. Over his schooling years, Aliff has studied in two schools, namely Sek Sri Kuala Lumpur and Sek Keb Seafield.  

Aliff is very much at home when participating in school activities. As a school prefect in standard 3 and 4, it is obvious why Aliff is disciplined. He was also a boy scout and represented his class for debates in both English and Bahasa Melayu. Aliff, s creativity was revealed when he took part in his school, s Model Building Project, where he seized the third prize. In school, Aliff attended a training programme for proficiency in Information Technology applications.                 

Yet Aliff' s participation in the mechanical side of events is balanced by his involvement in the field of theatrical artistry " Aliff got involved in a singing participation for Program Bulan Bahasa held in his school. While in sports, Aliff immerses himself in bowling, and is active in badminton, bowling and football.     

But don' t let all this hard-core, sporty activities fool you, as Aliff loves reading, collecting stamps and coins in his free time.   

Aliff' s involvement in the Golden Kids Club dates back to 1996 when he participated in an Anti-Vandalism Campaign. This talented actor was also a cast member of the 1997 GKC production, the Special Hari Raya Programme. In 1999, his artistic side was highlighted again in an Indian dance performance during a Deepavali Celebration for the Taman Megah Disabled Children. Besides acting in a commercial for " Internet Desa Campaign" organised by the Ministry of Communication & Multimedia, Aliff was featured in various GKC promos and the GKC tv show itself. Like many of the GKC' s, Aliff attended various motivational workshops and developmental programmes organized by GKC to hone his skills and sharpen his character.