Name (as in IC/BC) : Adrian Chong Wei Xiong
Nickname : Adrian
Date of birth : Adrian
Email address :
Year joining YAC : 1999


Participation in YAC activities:

i- National Level -            Community/Charity Works
                                                -Jumble Sale at studio.
                                                -Informal visit to old folks’ home at Kelana Jaya
                                                -MCPCSA Charity Gala Dinner 

                                                Conference/Seminars attended
                                                -What goes on behind TV
                                                -Town and Regional Planning
                                                -Image Enhancement and Development
                                                -Business and Accounting
                                                -Reporting Techniques 

                                                TV Show Hosting

                                               NGO participation
..............................................................-BAKTI Deepavali Celebration at PPKCTM, a charity home.

                                                -outing at Awana Eco Sports
                                                -Siti Hasmah interview and studio and website launching 

Participation in non-YAC activities:                       

ii- International Level –             Community/Charity Works-
                                                            -Youth Volunteer (YVolunteer) Service:

1. Once a week, 2 and a half hour visit to The Salvation Army Elloura and Weston Hostels Senior Citizens’ Club from February 2004 to July 2004.
2. Once a week, 2 and a half hour visit to the Western Australian Anglican home from August 2004 to December 2004.
-4 day work camp to the Charles Darwin Bush Reserve. 

................................................ ........
-10 day leadership camp(venture) to Walpole                                             

   Examinations Achievement: 

i-  School Level:
(For those after SPM, please state name of University/College & Course you are taking) 

ii- International Level & Non-academic Related:

-Acquired the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award (awarded to participants who have proven themselves in community work and an excellence in sports and music) in 2004.
-Part of a 6-man team who won 3rd place in the Mathematical Association of Western Australia’s inter-school mathematics team competition, Have-Sum-Fun.
-2001 New South Wales University Computing Competition- High Distinction (joint 1st for Malaysia)
-2001 New South Wales University Science Competition- Distinction
-2003 Australian Westpac Mathematics Competition- Distinction
-2003 Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, Noether Series, Olympiad- High Distinction
-2003 Australian National Chemistry Quiz- High Distinction
-2003 Australian Geography Competition- Distinction
-2004 Australian National Chemistry Quiz- Distinction
-2004 Australasian Schools Science Competition- Credit
-2004 Australian Westpac Mathematics Competition- High Distinction
-2004 Australian Westpac Mathematics Competition- Prudence Award*

*The Prudence award is based on the person who obtains the school’s highest number of consecutive correct answers. 

Career Ambition: To be a successful business Leader 

reading anything from the newspaper to paperback novels playing sports- tennis, squash, soccer, badminton, table tennis, golf dismantling and reassembling the computer watching movies, documentaries, soap operas working/surfing CONSTRUCTIVELY on the computer helping dad with the car

Life Ambition:
Family Level
To be able to form unbreakable bonds between my wife and children through time spent together and through a display of love and care towards their problems and needs. To dedicate a large amount of time and finances towards the happiness and livelihood of my parents.

Community Level
To be seen as a person who can be counted on among my friends. To contribute to society wherever possible, in terms of social work.

International Level
To be able to travel the world with my family, and at the same time experience the many unique cultures, traditions and environments this world has to offer.

Hopes & wishes
For children in Malaysia
For them to appreciate the resource-abundant country that they live in. For them to appreciate their rights (e.g right to vote) and also to uphold their responsibilities towards the country. For them to remember those around the world who need help, and give generously.

For children of the world
For them to grow up knowing about the unfortunate children in the world who desperately need help, and therefore giving generously when capable.

For the world at large
For everyone in the world, irrespective of their race or sex, to live happily and harmoniously together.