The members of the Young Achievers' Club are called Young Achievers (YA). They were between the age of 8 - 11 when they first joined the club in 1996. They are a multi-talented group of Malaysian children who were selected to host a number of children's TV shows at that time. Some of the shows they participated in are award-winning shows which have begged several awards both locally and internationally.

They undergone trainings in TV production and were exposed to hands-on TV works since 1996. They are highly confident, eloquent in TV presenting, reporting and interviewing skills. They have visited many countries during their educational tours including Australia, Brazil, China, France, UK, Iraq and many Asean countries. They are leaders among their peers with great passion to be the best that they can be. They lead active lives and face challenges with confidence and courage with a strong sense of responsibility. They improve themselves by continuously raising their level of competence and sense of awareness of the world around them. They are members of Malaysian Coalition for The Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, the only youth group in a group of 20 NGOs working together towards fighting Child Sexual Abuse.

They are very active in school clubs and activities. They are also frequently doing social works. They are called upon from time to time to manage events, be masters of ceremonies at major events, host under-privileged children at specially conducted programmes, participate in seminars and forums involving Convention of The Rights of a Child (CRC) and have represented Malaysia in many international conferences. Their achievements are listed under "milestone" in this website.

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The Senior YAs wish to acknowledge the following associates who have been supportive of all their projects. They are, upon invitation, friends of the Young Achievers who share the same values & have great interest in YAC activities:

Khairulldin Roy Ramzi
Tan Sue Anne
Christopher Teo Kok Huat
Danny Lim Kim Loong
Suhaily Michellin Ahmad Kamil
Aaron Khaled Ahmad Kamil
Christopher Lee
Melody Quah Sean Roei
Mohd Yusri Tan Sri Khir Johari
Arthur Kam Chong Jin
Megat Khairul Anwar Bin Mohd Ismail
Nur Azzah Bt Che Khalid
Sofia Nabilla Fatin Bt Sahari