Hj Sabri Ab. Rahman and Hjh Norwati Abd Razak are a husband-wife team of entrepreneurs who ventured into business in 1991. With many business enterprises currently under their stable, television broadcasting, communication and education became their main focus. They are blessed with two beautiful and outstanding children, Khairul Azri ( born in 1985 ) and Khairul Amanda ( born in 1988 ). 

Since the incorporation of their first wholly owned company Television Airtime Services Sdn Bhd in 1992, they had set their hearts to contribute to the country’s nation building via its well researched, non-fiction yet informative and entertaining children’s TV shows. Hence the initiative to form the children’s club in 1996 aimed at developing the children hosts to their fullest potential. The 15-year leader-grooming endeavour was developed; with the belief that despite their differences, the children share common reality. They can be encouraged to unite to make the world a better place for all. 

The club members originally comprised of hosts from a children’s TV show called  “ Golden Kids News”. Subsequently the TV programme was re-named “Golden Kids Club” in year 2000 and the increased number of its hosts became its primary members. At the same time, its associate members were made up of around 5,000 children, followers of the TV show from around the country. On August 31, 2003 the founders revealed a new name for the club in conjunction with the launching of the Club House in USJ, Subang Jaya. The club is now known as the "Young Achievers Club".

Giving focus to the primary members numbering 30 whom they call “Young Achievers”, Sabri and Norwati have undertaken a mission to groom these young multi-racial Malaysians to become well-rounded world-class future leaders. Since its formation, the founders of this club have put in their personal touch to this programme. Their contribution is not limited to funding the numerous activities but also to closely monitor the progress of each individual child in the group.  

They believe that Malaysian children need to be exposed to a lot more issues and values to mould them into becoming meaningful citizens of the world. To them, age is not a barrier; given the opportunities, children can mature much faster and can understand issues and happenings around the world today with ease.  “They are not the source of the problem; they are the resources that are needed to solve them. They are not expenses, they are investments. We call them the future but they are also the present”.